Shopping – Small Town Salida Big Time Shops

Shopping and Women, I know it is a cliche but shopping is fun especially when you make it an outing! I truly believe in supporting small businesses, there is always a great, unique item to be found. I took a trip to Salida recently and found some really great shops! Here is a peek inside some of their many great shops, they are all so colorful too! … Continue reading Shopping – Small Town Salida Big Time Shops

4 Ways to Boost Metabolism

A slowing metabolism is a natural part of aging. Most of us are not thrilled about this part of getting older; the idea of carrying around extra pounds is generally unwelcome.  Though your first response to a slowing metabolism might be to reduce your calorie intake or extend your workouts I highly recommend that you take a moment to consider that this may not be … Continue reading 4 Ways to Boost Metabolism

Gear Checking: Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon

Hiking in FiveFingers. It was something that up until recently I could never imagine. I had run, walked, worked, paddleboarded, and kayaked in various pairs. When I got my pair of Spyridons in the Spring I started to feel I could do more in them. Of course I couldn’t do more at first because I got them right after my shoulder surgery. I could only walk. I was … Continue reading Gear Checking: Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon

Be a member of the MtnGirlz! tribe – Look and feel your best!

Being a member of the tribe includes loving the outdoors. Our tribe is on the go all the time living and loving the active lifestyle. That means we are exposed to the elements on a regular basis. Weather for work or play, we do believe beauty on the inside is just a important as on the outside. Here are some tips to keep your outside … Continue reading Be a member of the MtnGirlz! tribe – Look and feel your best!

The Perfect Outdoor Wine?

Picture this: a beautiful sunny day in the mountains, you’re hiking, or camping, and you’ve got a delicious lunch in your backpack. You think to yourself, a glass of wine would really complete this meal. But truly, who wants to lug along a bottle? Or take the bottle and forget the corkscrew? Enter CalNaturale: wines packaged in squashable, recyclable and taste-neutral Tetra-Paks. Some friends and I tried … Continue reading The Perfect Outdoor Wine?

Hope for Haiti – A Healing Touch

One of Meta Yoga own teachers, Emily Steingart, was able to go to Haiti in April to assist with the program YogaHOPE; teaching yoga to those who have been living without – on a broad scale – these past few years, and for many, much of their lives. These are Emily’s words (though her initial note below really brings us the real message). Donated mats from … Continue reading Hope for Haiti – A Healing Touch

The Mountains or the Beach

Which do you prefer in the summer? Me, I’m torn. I love them both. As someone who grew up on the Jersey Shore (which was not like the TV show of the same name. Heck, those creatures aren’t even from New Jersey. I wonder if they’re even from this planet), I have an almost visceral attachment to the beach. When I was a kid, I spent my entire summer there. … Continue reading The Mountains or the Beach