What is the Right Yoga Festival For You? 

We all have different intentions when seeking out a yoga festival. The uplifting feeling of experiencing meditation and movement with others of the yoga community is something many people find enriching to their practice. Attending gives you first-class access to the newest trends and products that can help elevate your practice that may have been inaccessible in your hometown. Yoga festivals can also serve as a … Continue reading What is the Right Yoga Festival For You? 

Ski and Golf – Gypsum Creek Golf Course

Golf is played in some of the most incredible settings in the world. Part of its allure is the sheer beauty of the experience. The time spent with friends in an outdoor wonderland is priceless.   Nowhere is that more obvious than here in Colorado. We are blessed with some of the finest golf in the world right outside of our back door. Cool nights, … Continue reading Ski and Golf – Gypsum Creek Golf Course

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Crested Butte Spring Escape

There is no shortage of snow at Crested Butte Mountain Resort as the final few weeks of the ski season come into focus. The resort has received over 300 inches of snow this winter and is 100% open with outstanding conditions. As recreationalists search for their last turns of the 2016-2017 winter season, there are plenty of reasons to make a trip to Crested Butte. … Continue reading Crested Butte Spring Escape

Buena Vista Backcountry Day

Haven’t had a chance to try snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or fat biking this past winter? How about Backcountry skiing? Would you like to experience some of Buena Vista’s incredible trails and scenery? Then head to BV on Saturday, March 18th for The Trailhead and Buena Vista Mountain Adventures Buena Vista Backcountry Experience Day. Test out a variety of winter sports with the latest gear on … Continue reading Buena Vista Backcountry Day

Relax in Style and Hike Like a Madwoman – Phoenix, Arizona

  BraveSkiMom.com – As a child, we often took our Spring Breaks in the Valley of the Sun, precisely because it was the Valley of the Sun and it was hot. After a cold snowy winter, escaping to the resorts of Phoenix and Scottsdale offered a quick preview of summer and a welcome respite from hats, gloves and heavy coats. What did we do? We … Continue reading Relax in Style and Hike Like a Madwoman – Phoenix, Arizona

Trail Running – Preparing to leave the pavement behind

It wasn’t until I started trail running that I fell back in love with the sport of running. There is nothing quite like getting back to nature in that primal way than trail running blissfully through the woods, just you, your legs and the sound of your feet hitting the dirt. If you are thinking about getting out there, here are a few basics that … Continue reading Trail Running – Preparing to leave the pavement behind

Flyrods for Women – SaraBella Fishing

After many years of fishing with men’s gear in a “sportmen’s” world, April Archer began to notice a problem – not just with the lack of products made for women but also for lack of respect given to women for their skills, passion and love of the sport. She turned frustration into opportunity when she began to see that with smart beautiful products and a … Continue reading Flyrods for Women – SaraBella Fishing